The Religion of “Science”

Note that this project is on-hold indefinitely as it is somewhat incompatible with the nature of this site as currently constituted.

If only, Nik. If only…

My first love, truly, is science. I have earned multiple degrees in Engineering and Mathematics and have dedicated my multi-decade career to research, study, and practice of Engineering, which continues to this day.

It therefore pains me terribly to have to write that the deification of science is destroying our culture and, in turn, the world.

Herein, I will detail my thesis to that effect. Please feel free to comment liberally, correct me where you find me to be in error, but please don’t do so with any statement or comment that begins with “I think”. (If you want to do that, write your own blog and we can debate!)

And… here… we… go!

Introduction – Why?

Chapter 1 – When science becomes “Science”

Chapter 2 – A terrifyingly practical example