Rig for silent running

If I need to explain, you wouldn’t understand.



Elect Clowns

Expect a circus.


TEN Republicans join Democrats to impeach Trump for a second time – by 230 votes to 197 – for ‘incitement of insurrection’, but Senate leader Mitch McConnell rules out trial until AFTER president leaves office.

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Let’s forget the fact that Donald J Trump never once incited anyone to do anything. Don’t believe me? Read the fucking speech. Show me where, precisely, he “incited” anyone to “insurrection”. And show your fucking work. I’ll wait.

Oh and please feel free to compare and contrast that with direct incitement to violence and encouragement of rioting all fucking summer done by elected Democrat members of CONgress – including by the Vice President-elect, Heels-up Cumala Harris, and the Speaker of the fucking House of Representatives, Nutzy Palzi.

On second thought, fuck it. Who cares. It all burns anyway. Hopefully this helps it burn faster.

That said, please spare me the “Storm Is Coming” bullshit. It’s delusional.


I was off, a little

… on the timing, only


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And then there’s this guy

Silicon Valley delenda est.

I don’t think anyone except the Silicon Valley oligarchs, who no doubt had this planned well in advance, and Vox Day, who had expected this for some time – expected the whole sale purging of conservative & populist accounts from social media that’s taken place this week. President Trump, Lin Wood, Sidney Powell, and General Flynn, to say nothing of such badthinkers as the #WalkAway group on Facebook, have all found their Twitter and Facebook accounts shut down. Not content with that, Apple and Google both dropped the Parler app from their app stores, and to make sure you proles get the message, Amazon Web Services is terminating Parler’s contract as of Sunday, which means they’ll be offline for at least a week while they try to find alternative hosting.

From: Night Of The Digital Long Knives @ The Other McCain on 10JAN2021

Cue an awesome band from my childhood…

It is, indeed, only the beginning.


Thank you, Mr. Trump

He deserved better. We will miss him greatly when he’s gone.


President Donald J Trump gave up the life of a western prince so he could be called a traitor, a murderer, and endure all other manner of vile insults hurled by corrupt-to-the-core midwits (and dumber) who’ve created nothing but unspeakable misery for 10’s of millions of people over the course of decades.

He did so, I believe, for all the right reasons. And at every step he was sabotaged by “his” party, slandered by the media, backstabbed by his own staff, and ignored by the dimwitted who infest the bureaucracy. He has displayed the patience of a saint in not burning the entire place to the fucking ground.

He will always have my admiration, my thanks, and my gratitude. Always. Come what may.

It now falls to the rest of us individually and within our respective tribes to figure out how the hell to move forward in the shitcyclone that is going to be upon us starting at noon on the 20th of January, 2021 (if not already coming ashore).

Oh, and Tommy Lasorda passed away today. 2021 already sucks, bigly.




A comment on VP

Whatever else happens tomorrow, and I fully expect a vivid presentation of the GOPe specialty Failure Theater, we all need to keep this in mind.

Oh, and this too, from the same thread, by the blog author…

Beyond tedious, actually.

Consistency is not their strong suit





For the shortest day of the year, it seems the CONgress is about to agree on another $1+ trillion in fresh debt under the guise of KungFlu “Relief”

Many thanks to @BlauBommel @ SG

I suppose it could be worse. No obvious or direct bailouts for Murderin’ Andy, Gavin Nuisance, and the rest of the failing blue-state shitholes (including, of course, mine). But it does include a YUGE bailout for Big College for some unexplained reason.

I suppose those will become the Reeducation Centers once Heels-Up Harris elbows-out Soros’ meat-puppet. So, gotta keep as many of them open as possible.

Helpful I suppose to remind everyone precisely who CONgress works for.

President Trump will probably sign this steaming pile of rancid pig shit, though he should veto it and dare CONgress to pass it over his veto. But, in the end, he probably knows it matters not. He embraces his Destiny and he’ll probably wipe-out many multiples of this in foreign debt. He doesn’t, and it just adds to the collapsing debt pile that will come-down on top of Gropey’s and Kneepads’ empty heads.

And honestly, I don’t give a tinkers’ damn about our ever exploding “national” “debt”. It’s all pretend money in any case. Print to infinity for all I care.

Added (2020-12-22): sure sounds like Donnie TwoScoops is fixing to veto this dog’s breakfast. Good. Hope he follows-through.


What does insurrection look like?


Well, I’m no genius on the subject but seems obvious it pretty much straight-up looks like this.

The Maricopa Board of Supervisors voted 4-1 today defy the state lawmakers and resist complying with legislative subpoenas. Instead of allowing a transparent audit, the board voted to file a lawsuit against lawmakers in Arizona state court to block the enforcement of the subpoenas.

Not suspicious at all. Nope, nothing to see here. Go watch some sportsball or jack-off to porn, pleb.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I would love nothing more than to have the power and ability to tell a state legislative body that issued a subpoena to me to go fuck themselves. Truly, I’d need to see a doctor for an erection lasting a whole fucking month.

But the fact that the state police in Arizona are not, currently, busting-down the doors of the county election offices and shooting anyone who might try to get in they way tells you all you need to know about the “integrity” of our “elections”.

But yeah, Rand Paul suggesting we should “tighten” “election” “laws” “in the future” is going to fix all of this. Yessiree! We’ll get’em next time!! Go team!! Send cash!!!


They’re Not Your Friends

Beware of people #FedPosting

A comment I made earlier today on a blog I follow seems important to document here, given what’s likely coming down the road presently – submitted without further comment…

If it hasn’t happened already you’re probably going to see an influx of new, unfamiliar nics here at this Smart MilBlog(tm) over the next couple of days and weeks. They are likely to sound a lot like many folks here but will be, well, let’s just say aggressive in their suggestions that Something Needs To Be Done About All This.

I’m sure all y’all know what I mean.

The Boss and COBs are no doubt aware of this and prepared, but it’s important to get reacquainted with some basic concepts


Oh, and if a COB or a regular is accusing you of #FedPosting? You may want to take a couple of deep breaths, switch to decaf, and maybe even go for a nice, long, relaxing walk before posting again.

Or you can file this under “Advice Nobody Asked For” and enjoy your future discussions with the regime’s security forces. Your call.




While the SCOTUS utterly punting their responsibility to adjudicate a legitimate dispute between the (allegedly) sovereign states of the United States is hardly optimal and certainly not what I wanted for a result, I find it to be perfectly clarifying.

There can be precisely no doubt where we are right now. There can be no pretenses, no delusions. We can no longer hold on to any shred of belief that the Constitutional Republic that the United States of America was founded to be exists in any substantive, tangible, functional form as of this evening.

It’s been gone for quite some time of course, but now the masks are completely off. The curtain has been pulled.

It is perfectly clear for any and all who wish to see that we are now no different from the 3rd-world banana republics we used to look down our noses at their corruption.

We are at least as corrupt as they ever have been.

A national election has been stolen in broad daylight, and any pieces of paper, traditions, agreements, and any other trappings of “civilized society” designed to prevent that from happening have either failed to stop it, or actively encouraged it.

And I have to believe that President Trump was not at all surprised by the cowardice displayed by the SCOTUS this evening – including the betrayal of his three picks for said court.

It is now incredibly, painfully simple. President Donald Trump declares the states of Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, Georgia, and perhaps a couple others to be in open insurrection against the United States – and certainly massively defrauding a national election qualifies as insurrection, particularly when foreign companies and likely governments are involved. Or we will all eventually die trying to shoot our way out of the communist hell we just have had imposed on us via this nakedly fraudulent election theft.

We tried the soap box (the TEA Party).

We tried the ballot box (Trump).

We tried the jury box (various courts, culminating with SCOTUS).

There is only one “box” left now.

I, for one, find that degree of clarity to be incredibly energizing.