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  • 10DEC2021: Some more details on the Fundamentals

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November 2021

September 2021

  • 17SEP2021: Doc is hittin’ the road through the rest of the month
  • 13SEP2021: I hope after this you’ll have a little spring in your step!
  • 08SEP2021: Getting finite
  • 05SEP2021: We’re here to pump (clap), you up!

August 2021

  • 25AUG2021: Doc takes some time off…
  • 18AUG2021: Physics, Mechanics, Kinematics… oh my!
  • 12AUG2021: In which we open a discussion about everyone favorite subject
  • 11AUG2021: Back to the math!
  • 10AUG2021: A little teaser of some upcoming future info I hope all y’all will be interested in.
  • 10AUG2021: Some mathematical preliminaries (trust me, you’re gonna wanna at least skim this one, once)