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If I need to explain, you wouldn’t understand.



Elect Clowns

Expect a circus.


TEN Republicans join Democrats to impeach Trump for a second time – by 230 votes to 197 – for ‘incitement of insurrection’, but Senate leader Mitch McConnell rules out trial until AFTER president leaves office.

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Let’s forget the fact that Donald J Trump never once incited anyone to do anything. Don’t believe me? Read the fucking speech. Show me where, precisely, he “incited” anyone to “insurrection”. And show your fucking work. I’ll wait.

Oh and please feel free to compare and contrast that with direct incitement to violence and encouragement of rioting all fucking summer done by elected Democrat members of CONgress – including by the Vice President-elect, Heels-up Cumala Harris, and the Speaker of the fucking House of Representatives, Nutzy Palzi.

On second thought, fuck it. Who cares. It all burns anyway. Hopefully this helps it burn faster.

That said, please spare me the “Storm Is Coming” bullshit. It’s delusional.


Exiting Plato’s Cave

Nobody ever said taking the Red (or Black) Pill was easy. But it is necessary.

The “ancient” philosophers sure knew a whole lot about a whole lot. I’ve said several times that damn-near every modern “philosopher” is basically either ripping-off or riffing-on Aristotle. However, it’s impossible to ignore what I believe is Plato’s greatest contribution to philosophy (and he made plenty of contributions) and one that nearly perfectly describes what many are going through right now – the Allegory Of The Cave.

Most of us are probably familiar with the allegory in some manner or form, which appeared in Plato’s work The Republic. The general premise is that we are creatures not only of our nature (the innate sense and knowledge that we are more-or-less born with) and our nurture (our education, or, in the modern sense, programming – which obviously goes well beyond our schooling).

In the allegory, Plato has Socrates describe a gathering of people who have lived as prisoners facing a blank wall within a cave all of their lives. The sole connection these people have with the outside world is the shadow projected on the wall from things passing in front of a fire which is behind them and which they can never see directly. The prisoners give names to these shadows which, in effect, become their reality. Plato (through Socrates) then explains how the philosopher is like a prisoner who is freed from, and exits, the cave and comes to understand that the shadows on the wall do not make up reality at all, because once outside he can perceive the true form of reality rather than the mere shadows seen by the prisoners.

And yes, if this is starting to sound a whole lot like an ancient version of the plot of a well-known modern movie franchise, then you’re understanding it more-or-less perfectly.

Socrates’ observation is not strictly limited to “philosophers” of course; it’s applicable to anyone who walks out of The Cave or, in the more modern and perhaps therefore familiar context, is unplugged from The Matrix (which symbolically happens in the movie by taking the Red Pill). For Plato, the escape of a prisoner from the cave is an unqualified good, after a rather painful adjustment period (for the light from the sun is far brighter of course than any fire in the cave). After a time, the escapee feels that the actual world is so far superior to that in the cave he returns to the cave to try to lead-out the others. However, he’s now blind in the cave due to the difference in relative brightness between the sun and the fire. As a result of this perceived blindness, the prisoners see no reason to escape their chains.

Kant, asserting that for modern man the entrapment in The Cave is largely voluntary, basically riffs on Plato in asserting that “Enlightenment is man’s release from his self-incurred tutelage.” Indeed, in the modern era the requirement to stay in The Cave is largely a choice, particularly for any who escape.

But both Plato and Kant, if I may be so bold, do not properly account for how difficult it is for many, if not most, and particularly soft men raised in good-times-turning-hard, to “see”. And because the decision to remain in The Cave is voluntary (and, in fact, encouraged heavily by The Programmers) the temptation to crawl back into our “self-incurred tutelage” is a tremendous pull.

Think again of The Matrix. Many of the batteries, unknowing they’re in a simulation, live quiet, more-or-less peaceful and pleasant lives. But what of Neo and the others who’ve been unplugged? Do any of them seem… happy? Content? Satisfied?

No, it’s hard work all the way down for them.

But the problem is that once you “see” you simply cannot “un-see” and therein lies the rub for any who crawl back into The Cave. You will never again be allowed to be content and satisfied in your “tutelage”, you will always know you’re looking at a shadow, and it will nag at you until such time as you either die or leave The Cave once and for all.

All of the journeys out of Plato’s Cave are difficult – anyone who says otherwise is bullshiting you. Life outside The Cave is almost certainly never going to be as comfortable as it was facing a wall and watching the movement of shadows. And any who are further along on the journey out of The Cave have to be ever-mindful to meet those not as far along where they are and to lead them along.

The events of the last couple of weeks have Red (and Black) Pilled a whole lot of “normies”. This is an unqualified good thing; we who have been wondering (sometimes blindly) in the sun will need all the allies we can muster. We need to be encouraging them to not crawl back into their cool, comfortable slavery to consumption (in every sense of the word). For some, that will require a slap in the face while for others, a much more gentle touch.

We were all in The Cave, probably for much of our lives. Being an asshole to any who are getting a glimpse of the world Beyond The Cave is not going to help them, or you, or anyone.

Exiting The Cave, taking The Pill (of whatever color other than Blue), is something we need to encourage people to do, and we need to be far better guides than the “philosopher” in Plato’s allegory.


I was off, a little

… on the timing, only


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And then there’s this guy

Silicon Valley delenda est.

I don’t think anyone except the Silicon Valley oligarchs, who no doubt had this planned well in advance, and Vox Day, who had expected this for some time – expected the whole sale purging of conservative & populist accounts from social media that’s taken place this week. President Trump, Lin Wood, Sidney Powell, and General Flynn, to say nothing of such badthinkers as the #WalkAway group on Facebook, have all found their Twitter and Facebook accounts shut down. Not content with that, Apple and Google both dropped the Parler app from their app stores, and to make sure you proles get the message, Amazon Web Services is terminating Parler’s contract as of Sunday, which means they’ll be offline for at least a week while they try to find alternative hosting.

From: Night Of The Digital Long Knives @ The Other McCain on 10JAN2021

Cue an awesome band from my childhood…

It is, indeed, only the beginning.


Thank you, Mr. Trump

He deserved better. We will miss him greatly when he’s gone.


President Donald J Trump gave up the life of a western prince so he could be called a traitor, a murderer, and endure all other manner of vile insults hurled by corrupt-to-the-core midwits (and dumber) who’ve created nothing but unspeakable misery for 10’s of millions of people over the course of decades.

He did so, I believe, for all the right reasons. And at every step he was sabotaged by “his” party, slandered by the media, backstabbed by his own staff, and ignored by the dimwitted who infest the bureaucracy. He has displayed the patience of a saint in not burning the entire place to the fucking ground.

He will always have my admiration, my thanks, and my gratitude. Always. Come what may.

It now falls to the rest of us individually and within our respective tribes to figure out how the hell to move forward in the shitcyclone that is going to be upon us starting at noon on the 20th of January, 2021 (if not already coming ashore).

Oh, and Tommy Lasorda passed away today. 2021 already sucks, bigly.


More Clarity

Despair is pointless and counter-productive. Denial is worse.

The thing many people get wrong about the Black-Pilled is that we’re filled with despair. That simply isn’t my experience, at all. What I feel is nearly perfect clarity about what is going on – and what I see is a whole lotta people who simply want to not accept that what they revere is gone, gone for good, never coming back, and in fact has been gone for some time.

I suppose my principal surprise at the results from last night’s special “election” in Georgia is that the globalists decided to go for broke and swipe both seats. Granted, the GOPe candidates (Dave Perdue and Beijing Barbie) were awful candidates, but it’s amazing that hopelessly racist, Jew-hating Georgia is now going to be represented in the US Senate by… a black and a Jew.

Amazing, and incredible – in the truest sense of the word.

What this does however is offer more clarity on how the globalists are going to play this out – assuming Donald J Trump doesn’t embrace his inner Caesar, something that seems increasingly unlikely with each passing day.

So what does this clarity tell me?

I think this signals the globalists are going to go kinetic (politically, and perhaps otherwise) as soon as the meat-puppet is sworn in. There will be a flood of EOs that essentially reverse everything Trump managed to accomplish in 4-years and, unlike Trump’s cancelling of some of the milk-chocolate messiah’s EOs (particularly DACA), courts will find Gropey did everything “by the book”.

Besides, Democrats will not hesitate to simply ignore any court that dares oppose them.

There will be a nationwide lockdown – hard lockdown – of all “non-essential” businesses, a nationwide “mask mandate”, and forced vaccinations. They will fire-up the fiat-printers and pour pennies on the plebs while funneling 10’s of billions to bankrupt deep-blue shithole states and Big Tech. It will be all oligarchy, all the time.

They will add anywhere from 2-4 new perma-leftist “states” (almost certainly DC, probably PR and Guam) that will send anywhere from 4-8 new exclusively leftist Democrats to the Senate. There will be an almost immediate amnesty of 30+ million new Democrat Primary Voters in wait and establishment of nationwide “mail-in voting” (coupled with a repeal of any and all anti-voter-fraud measures such as picture IDs and signature verification).

And all of this will be done by summer, when Gropey McKiddieGroper will be eased-off into permanent retirement in his basement where he can live out the rest of his life eating pudding and shitting himself. Clearing the path for the real POTUS, the Return Of The Milk-Chocolate Messiah, another cum-guzzler, only this one is an actual woman – the sociopath Heels-Up Cumala Harris. And she will do precisely whatever the globalists tell her to do, because the Hellmouth ain’t the only place where people are offered The Deal.

And all this is what awaits us, if Donald J. Trump fails to embrace his Destiny.

As such, the path ahead is transparently clear. But that doesn’t mean it will be, in any way manner or form, easy.




A comment on VP

Whatever else happens tomorrow, and I fully expect a vivid presentation of the GOPe specialty Failure Theater, we all need to keep this in mind.

Oh, and this too, from the same thread, by the blog author…

Beyond tedious, actually.

I knew all along

I simply forgot to remember something important

If anything, Biden’s eventual election – and he will be elected, either as a result of massive voter fraud or simply because the American electorate in 2020 is filled-to-bursting with fucking morons who take their cues from bigger asshole-fucking morons – hastens the inevitable collapse. (emphasis added here)

Check out the date on that link. I wrote that in early-July – almost 6-months ago. If anything, I’m angry at myself for not remembering that. I knew this all was going to go down like this months ago, and let myself get sucked in. Caused myself a fair bit of needless anxiety in the process.

Well, lesson learned. Simply put if (when) Soros’ meat-puppet is inaugurated POTUS #46 (the penultimate) then I’ve voted in my last election at any level, ever. Period.

Black-pilled? I’m way the fuck beyond Black-pilled now. It’s all about “keeping the lights on” at this point. What that looks like for me is that I will take it as my charge to build a library of printed materials that could be handed-over to someone to rebuild society after this all goes under. I will take time to read as much of it as I can, and to learn some modest self-sufficiency skills.

I just today purchased my first “heirloom” seeds and have a schedule to start planting (inside) after President’s Day. I hope to have at least 2 full planters on my porch by early April. I will experiment, learn, and write it all down.

Hope to be able to do the same on the ice this winter with the fishing and may even invest in a pole or two for regular unfrozen water-based hunting of the swimming creatures come spring.

And I will, effective the moment Biden is sworn-in (and, again, he will be), never again put my hand over my heart and speak the Pledge of Allegiance. I will not pledge my honor and loyalty to a Republic that no longer exists.

And I will no longer participate in the charade that it exists.

The West is about to learn, horrifyingly, just how incredible, unprecedented, and a-historical has been this multi-decade period of relative peace and prosperity. That we pissed it all away is perhaps not even our fault – I mean, Aristotle figured this all out 2500-years ago and who’s gonna argue (successfully) against him?

But it is over, and we did in fact piss it all away.

It’s past time to get back to the business of preserving what little of this Civilization I can in the time I have left. I am grateful that Donald J Trump selflessly gave-up his princely life to give me and others 4-years of time to prepare for what is coming. I wish it could have been 8, but will be satisfied with 4.

Did I get enough done? Of course not. But when is the second best time to plant a tree?



It will be the most important year of our lives

Disclaimer, this is kinda blackpilled, but I just don’t see how he’s wrong here, at all.

Way of the World – Bitchute

Consistency is not their strong suit