He’s not wrong…

If you take nothing else from this video (assuming you can still access this video because Youtube hasn’t yet deplatformed WotW) you must, I assert, agree with the conclusions…

  1. The Cultural Marxists… won
  2. The Long March Through The Institutions… worked

The fundamental premise of this blog is based precisely these two points. It is no longer debatable that we are living in a post-Western, post-American world. We, in the United States, are not voting our way out of this. We’re not legislating or legalizing our way out of this, either.

Anglo-American, and more broadly Western, Civilization was put on trial in a rigged court and found guilty on all counts, with prejudice. It’s alleged defenders never even bothered to offer a token, much less a vigorous, counter argument, not that it likely would have mattered.

It’s enemies, our enemies, control the narrative and the means to shape it. They control the media. They control academia. They control the boardrooms of most major corporations. They are wielding their editing and deplatforming power from all of the Big Tech “Social” “Media” platforms.

They also control government at every level – even if the feckless opposition to creeping Cultural Marxism hold, for now, elective offices at some levels. As I learned in the Army a long time ago, officers (elected officials) come-and-go but the Sergeants (the bureaucrats) are permanent – and the time when Making Patronage Great Again could have fixed that problem already came-and-went before I was born.

And more recently, they’ve taken control of nearly every mainstream religious denomination.

The West stands, literally, alone. Naked. Undefended. Unwell.

So the West will die; so the West must die. Its inevitable demise will be celebrated by a general public which never knew of its greatness.

Most will never even realize how much they miss it once it’s gone.

As I have no interest at all in arguing or discussing how it is we got here – this failure has literally 100’s of millions of fathers – what I’ll be be spending most of my time talking about here going forward is the life-and-death question… the only question to us that truly matters…

So, just where do we go from here?