Let’s talk about your needs…

As I’m sure you’ve read several times by now, Doc has a day job. He’s reportedly quite happy in that day job and not really looking to make any major changes.

With that out of the way, Doc is also driven by a need to help people solve their problems. It’s what he’s always done, and it’s truly a passion for him. And he has been known to dabble with a little bit of, shall we say, side work from time to time.

So if you have a need for some freelance engineering, analysis, teaching, tutoring, etc. feel free to reach-out to Doctor Boom via his email (doc@docboom.us).

Or, if you like what you see here at Engineering with Doctor BOOM and want to support some more of Doc’s work here, Doc is also a huge believer in the value-for-value model. As such, Doc would be thrilled (and flattered) should you decide to donate some of your time, talent, or treasure to the cause. If interested – reach-out to Doc and we can work something out.

Heck, if enough people are interested, I’ll drop a “Donate” button down here!