Thank you, Mr. Trump

He deserved better. We will miss him greatly when he’s gone.


President Donald J Trump gave up the life of a western prince so he could be called a traitor, a murderer, and endure all other manner of vile insults hurled by corrupt-to-the-core midwits (and dumber) who’ve created nothing but unspeakable misery for 10’s of millions of people over the course of decades.

He did so, I believe, for all the right reasons. And at every step he was sabotaged by “his” party, slandered by the media, backstabbed by his own staff, and ignored by the dimwitted who infest the bureaucracy. He has displayed the patience of a saint in not burning the entire place to the fucking ground.

He will always have my admiration, my thanks, and my gratitude. Always. Come what may.

It now falls to the rest of us individually and within our respective tribes to figure out how the hell to move forward in the shitcyclone that is going to be upon us starting at noon on the 20th of January, 2021 (if not already coming ashore).

Oh, and Tommy Lasorda passed away today. 2021 already sucks, bigly.

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