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Despair is pointless and counter-productive. Denial is worse.

The thing many people get wrong about the Black-Pilled is that we’re filled with despair. That simply isn’t my experience, at all. What I feel is nearly perfect clarity about what is going on – and what I see is a whole lotta people who simply want to not accept that what they revere is gone, gone for good, never coming back, and in fact has been gone for some time.

I suppose my principal surprise at the results from last night’s special “election” in Georgia is that the globalists decided to go for broke and swipe both seats. Granted, the GOPe candidates (Dave Perdue and Beijing Barbie) were awful candidates, but it’s amazing that hopelessly racist, Jew-hating Georgia is now going to be represented in the US Senate by… a black and a Jew.

Amazing, and incredible – in the truest sense of the word.

What this does however is offer more clarity on how the globalists are going to play this out – assuming Donald J Trump doesn’t embrace his inner Caesar, something that seems increasingly unlikely with each passing day.

So what does this clarity tell me?

I think this signals the globalists are going to go kinetic (politically, and perhaps otherwise) as soon as the meat-puppet is sworn in. There will be a flood of EOs that essentially reverse everything Trump managed to accomplish in 4-years and, unlike Trump’s cancelling of some of the milk-chocolate messiah’s EOs (particularly DACA), courts will find Gropey did everything “by the book”.

Besides, Democrats will not hesitate to simply ignore any court that dares oppose them.

There will be a nationwide lockdown – hard lockdown – of all “non-essential” businesses, a nationwide “mask mandate”, and forced vaccinations. They will fire-up the fiat-printers and pour pennies on the plebs while funneling 10’s of billions to bankrupt deep-blue shithole states and Big Tech. It will be all oligarchy, all the time.

They will add anywhere from 2-4 new perma-leftist “states” (almost certainly DC, probably PR and Guam) that will send anywhere from 4-8 new exclusively leftist Democrats to the Senate. There will be an almost immediate amnesty of 30+ million new Democrat Primary Voters in wait and establishment of nationwide “mail-in voting” (coupled with a repeal of any and all anti-voter-fraud measures such as picture IDs and signature verification).

And all of this will be done by summer, when Gropey McKiddieGroper will be eased-off into permanent retirement in his basement where he can live out the rest of his life eating pudding and shitting himself. Clearing the path for the real POTUS, the Return Of The Milk-Chocolate Messiah, another cum-guzzler, only this one is an actual woman – the sociopath Heels-Up Cumala Harris. And she will do precisely whatever the globalists tell her to do, because the Hellmouth ain’t the only place where people are offered The Deal.

And all this is what awaits us, if Donald J. Trump fails to embrace his Destiny.

As such, the path ahead is transparently clear. But that doesn’t mean it will be, in any way manner or form, easy.

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Greatly appreciate the reply, Scott. Almost as much as I enjoy OGB and Music and Ideas! Thanks for all you do and please don’t be a stranger in my tiny little corner of the digital world.

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