I knew all along

I simply forgot to remember something important

If anything, Biden’s eventual election – and he will be elected, either as a result of massive voter fraud or simply because the American electorate in 2020 is filled-to-bursting with fucking morons who take their cues from bigger asshole-fucking morons – hastens the inevitable collapse. (emphasis added here)

Check out the date on that link. I wrote that in early-July – almost 6-months ago. If anything, I’m angry at myself for not remembering that. I knew this all was going to go down like this months ago, and let myself get sucked in. Caused myself a fair bit of needless anxiety in the process.

Well, lesson learned. Simply put if (when) Soros’ meat-puppet is inaugurated POTUS #46 (the penultimate) then I’ve voted in my last election at any level, ever. Period.

Black-pilled? I’m way the fuck beyond Black-pilled now. It’s all about “keeping the lights on” at this point. What that looks like for me is that I will take it as my charge to build a library of printed materials that could be handed-over to someone to rebuild society after this all goes under. I will take time to read as much of it as I can, and to learn some modest self-sufficiency skills.

I just today purchased my first “heirloom” seeds and have a schedule to start planting (inside) after President’s Day. I hope to have at least 2 full planters on my porch by early April. I will experiment, learn, and write it all down.

Hope to be able to do the same on the ice this winter with the fishing and may even invest in a pole or two for regular unfrozen water-based hunting of the swimming creatures come spring.

And I will, effective the moment Biden is sworn-in (and, again, he will be), never again put my hand over my heart and speak the Pledge of Allegiance. I will not pledge my honor and loyalty to a Republic that no longer exists.

And I will no longer participate in the charade that it exists.

The West is about to learn, horrifyingly, just how incredible, unprecedented, and a-historical has been this multi-decade period of relative peace and prosperity. That we pissed it all away is perhaps not even our fault – I mean, Aristotle figured this all out 2500-years ago and who’s gonna argue (successfully) against him?

But it is over, and we did in fact piss it all away.

It’s past time to get back to the business of preserving what little of this Civilization I can in the time I have left. I am grateful that Donald J Trump selflessly gave-up his princely life to give me and others 4-years of time to prepare for what is coming. I wish it could have been 8, but will be satisfied with 4.

Did I get enough done? Of course not. But when is the second best time to plant a tree?

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