Get Yer Hot, Fresh Conspiracy Theory Right Here!

Just spitballing.

Trump’s enemies are starting to understand they are stuck in the room with Trump, not the other way around.

Me @ SG

I’ve been wondering why Patrick Bryne, former CEO of and not (it’s important to know) a Trump supporter, was present in a White House meeting where Trump’s team basically laid-out enough clear, obvious evidence of massive voter fraud at every level to not only ensure Donnie TwoScoops another 4-years (at least) in the White House, but to land a whole lot of DeepStaters in jail in the process.

So here’s my totally off-the-wall theory. His purpose there was to signal to the DeepState that Donnie TwoScoops “has the goods” and that if they don’t want to be utterly and completely decimated in a Rubicon crossing the time to stand the fuck down is… right now.

And wouldn’t you know it – news out of WI (currently meat-puppet +20k) is that a judge yesterday found about 200k of Biden’s “votes” to be fraudulent – 9x what is needed to flip the state. I’ve long thought WI would be the first domino to fall, and it will be interesting if this is the start of a quiet cascade over the HOLIDAY WEEK (when nobody is paying attention) through MI, GA, NV, and finally PA to put Donaldus Rex back in the White House come 21JAN21 without a Rubicon crossing.

My basic premise is that I don’t think Trump wants to #CrossTheRubicon; he would just assume not have to “pin those maniacs to the Tarpeian Rock“, as it were. Trump very much desires a “status quo” solution where he can get 4-more years to work the (massive, obvious, pervasive) voter fraud problem (among many other Swamp Draining exercises) from the inside without having to resort to Imperial tactics. It’s reasonable, logical, and complies with his boomer civnat sensibilities. If required, and if literally every other avenue has been thoroughly exhausted, then and only then will Donaldus Rex embrace his Destiny.

Much better for Trump then that people come back from the holidays only to find out they don’t have a meat puppet for POTUS – it’s Trump II, The Revenge Of TwoScoops. Most will shrug their shoulders and go on with their lives. Some will set-fire to deep blue shithole cities, which I find to be totally acceptable. Donnie invokes the Insurrection Act to crush the rebellions (after letting them smolder and burn for a week or so), orders a nationwide end to all KungFlu lockdowns, arrests any and all hacks who defy said order, and starts passing out checks to the plebs (us), “paid-for” with cancelled foreign-held debt.

Personally, I can’t wait to see how this movie ends! Of course we all know the rest of the story, collapse is inevitable. But I would really love to have 4-more years to get my act more firmly together. Hell, 4-more years gets me to 59.5 and I can legally “retire” at that point!

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Cancelling foreign held debt seems like a guaranteed way to start WWIII. I don’t think the International bankers like that kind of stuff. We might get Belarus and Tanzania to join us though. Not bad odds.

Thanks for the comment! Perhaps, but I’m less concerned about “international bankers” once Trump is re-inaugurated. I suspect they’re going to be in for more than a little unpleasantness, which will of course be quite unpleasant for all of us, but regardless is long overdue.

Fact is WWIII (or IV) has been going on right in front of us for decades – against China for the most part as the front for globalist oligarchical communism. The overwhelming majority of the US is utterly oblivious to it as we continue to fund our enemies through the purchase of cheap goods from Walmart, Amazon, etc. But either way – “pay” for “stimulus” cash with cancelled debt or just print more – it’s all pretend “money” in any case.

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