For the shortest day of the year, it seems the CONgress is about to agree on another $1+ trillion in fresh debt under the guise of KungFlu “Relief”

Many thanks to @BlauBommel @ SG

I suppose it could be worse. No obvious or direct bailouts for Murderin’ Andy, Gavin Nuisance, and the rest of the failing blue-state shitholes (including, of course, mine). But it does include a YUGE bailout for Big College for some unexplained reason.

I suppose those will become the Reeducation Centers once Heels-Up Harris elbows-out Soros’ meat-puppet. So, gotta keep as many of them open as possible.

Helpful I suppose to remind everyone precisely who CONgress works for.

President Trump will probably sign this steaming pile of rancid pig shit, though he should veto it and dare CONgress to pass it over his veto. But, in the end, he probably knows it matters not. He embraces his Destiny and he’ll probably wipe-out many multiples of this in foreign debt. He doesn’t, and it just adds to the collapsing debt pile that will come-down on top of Gropey’s and Kneepads’ empty heads.

And honestly, I don’t give a tinkers’ damn about our ever exploding “national” “debt”. It’s all pretend money in any case. Print to infinity for all I care.

Added (2020-12-22): sure sounds like Donnie TwoScoops is fixing to veto this dog’s breakfast. Good. Hope he follows-through.

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