Gotta Fix You First

Make your bed, then worry about the rest of The World.

While listening to the most-recent installment of the Simple Life podcast (Your Better Life Podcast) I was reminded of several profound, and profoundly simple, things that I had forgotten.

  1. Politics is downstream of Culture, but Culture is downstream of individual choices
  2. The reason the world is a fucked up as it is basically amounts to everyone looking at all the problems of the world and not spending 30-seconds to fix their own shit
  3. Ergo, you gotta fix your own shit before you can talk about anybody else’
  4. And here’s the kicker, you’re never truly done fixing your own shit

My failure to remember these incredibly important Truths have made my re-entry into Life After Vacation a living fucking nightmare these last 2-weeks or so:

  • I’m spending far too much time on screens
  • I’m not reading Scripture or any of my important books (currently Aristotle, looking to move on to some Chaucer and MacIntyre next)
  • I’ve stopped journaling altogether
  • I’m spending way too much money
  • My diet is in the shitter
  • I’ve not exercised
  • I don’t clean the house anymore

Yes indeed, The World is fucked up and it’s shit’s all retarded. There’s the Election Theft fiasco that is still unresolved (though I sense a final resolution is coming soon after the new year is rung-in). There’s the KungFlu Scamdemic that is once again threatening to cripple our economies and our Souls, by choice and not out of necessity. The globalist scum are ramming the #GreatReset up our asses with sandpaper lube and telling us we’ll love it, or else.

Damn near everyone I know is pretty much wallowing in despair, vice, drugs, alcohol, porn, sportsball – and in some cases all of the above – and these are the ones who are presently working.

But the thing is – not a single bit of that fucking matters, at all, if I don’t get my own house in order first.

It’s not selfish, it’s reality. I’m not doing anybody any favors by trying to Fix The Planet when my own shit is as fucked-up as it is today.

Doesn’t mean I slunk off into a cave and mediate for 13-years; doesn’t mean I have to “withdraw from the world”.

But it does mean that I need to spend far, far more time working on my own fucked-up life and a whole lot less obsessing about the latest machinations of TGE’s Crossing of the Rubicon.

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