Things could be about to get very interesting

I’m left to wonder aloud whether the recent breathless announcement by the CDC of ZOMG SURGE IN KUNGFLU DEATHS!!!!!! will be used by Donaldus Rex, First Of His Line to order a full-on “nationwide lockdown”.

Emperor TwoScoops can then use the relative quiet in the streets to prepare the battlespace and clear the field of any non-combatants before launching his counter-offensive against the DeepState.

Because he made it pretty darn clear last night that he has no intention of surrendering the country to the globalist forces who stole the election from the American people, more especially the 74+ million who ignored the media narratives and voted to re-elect him as POTUS and who, in fact, swept (nominally) his party into power across the country at every level except, if FakeNews is to be believed, his.

He also made it clear that though he expects the various state legislatures and SCOTUS to “do the right thing” with regard to the obvious, in-your-face, not-even-trying-to-hide it electoral fraud we all know happened, he is certainly not relying on them to do so.

Further the Left’s keyboard commandos, feeling more than a little salty these days, seem to be basically Double Dog Dare-ing him to launch. I mean, if you think that Trump is truly a “caged animal” and “desperate”, is that the state you really want him in right now? Have you many experiences with caged or cornered wild animals, kids?

Pride always precedeth The Fall.

Besides, careful what you wish for – I highly doubt that Donaldus Rex is going to be “merciful”, particularly when it comes to the keyboard commandos in FakeNews and BigTech.

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