Keeping Faith

There is absolutely no value whatsoever in succumbing to despair

I have to admit that I spent the day yesterday in a rather foul mood; no doubt a combination of first-day back to work after a wonderful week of R-n-R plus all the apparent drama surrounding the ongoing farce that is the 2020 Election in the USA. I even caught myself in despair several times, which is pointless even if this all goes south and Donnie TwoScoops has to flee the country to save himself and his family.

I awoke this morning with a renewed sense of confidence that Mr. Trump knows precisely what is at stake – I even dropped him a note to that effect. He knows that if the Democrats and their globalist, communist, #GreatReset pushing comrades are able to successfully steal yet another election then the Republic is well and truly over – which is when (and not a second before) I believe he will #CrossTheRubicon and trigger the Insurrection Act.

The Republic is likely doomed in either case, and I’ll take an “official” GEOTUS over Soros’ China-owned, brain-dead meat-puppet all day and twice on Sunday.

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