It’s actually quite simple

What happened on 03, November 2020 was really about a very simple choice

The fact is that, at present, we still don’t know what precisely happened, and who was committing fuckery, and how much fuckery, during the 2020 election. Given that a recent poll (to the extent they’re at all credible, which they’re not, at all, but anyway…) shows only 41% of Americans are certain the election wasn’t stolen, we can assume it was a great deal of fuckery. Note – that poll was taken before the Trump campaign has filed really any serious legal challenge or presented any evidence of their claims, though the statistical evidence is rather overwhelming.

But for now we’re still mired in a great deal of uncertainty and that is, I believe, clouding many peoples’ thinking. They’re also spending far, far too much time listing to the same Gaslight, Inc. media who proved to be partisan actors during the entire election drama.

There is no need for uncertainty, because it really boils down to a simple choice.

We were presented with two radically different candidates for POTUS, with two radically different visions. Now to be clear, Joe Biden did everything he could (with a yuge assist from the partisan, gaslighting media) to cloud the differences between he and President Donald Trump – as well as almost completely ignoring his own party’s hard-left agenda. But let’s just focus first on the candidates themselves.

Donald John Trump gave-up the life of an American prince when he tossed his hat into the ring in mid-late 2015. At the time, nobody ever accused him of being a racist, or a bigot, or a sexist, or a homophobe, or a fascist, or a whatever. That of course all changed once his unapologetic America First agenda started to get traction with long-ignored voters who were given little in the way of actual choice for decades. He gave up a life of luxury and privilege to be called a racist/bigot/homophobe/fastist/etc. by dimwits and midwits, accused (without evidence, as Gaslight, Inc. likes to say) of treason, and impeached for absolutely fucking nothing. All because he believes in this country, and believes that it’s the last great hope for humanity. His campaign events across the country drew 10’s of thousands of enthusiastic supporters, many of whom had to defy local “avoid gathering” edicts from local Gauleiters and wannabe Eichmanns.

Compare and contrast with career swamp rat, former Senator and Vice President Joe Biden. We can start with his kicking-off of the campaign with the blood libel that grew out of the Charlottesville op. When not drooling on himself, sundowning, and generally hiding in his basement, we saw a thin-skinned hack who routinely called-out regular people who dare to disagree with him. Nobody, literally fucking nobody, wanted this clown to be the Democrat Party POTUS nominee – he was essentially anointed by default because everybody else – including his eventual choice for VP – blew-up on impact. He could barely get through his rare campaign appearances, which couldn’t draw flies, and was clearly assisted by the use of teleprompters and other electronic supports throughout. Over 45-years in DC spent enriching himself and his family, wrong about damn-near everything in his entire career – every big decision ending in disaster for the country.

So the choice was abundantly clear. After 4-years of jobs coming back to the United States, illegal immigration slowing to a trickle, economic growth previous Presidents called “a fantasy”, holding China to account for the first time in a half-century, and a complete re-making of the perpetually war-torn Middle East – it was even more abundantly clear.

  • Four more years of that sort of progress and growth, delivered by a man who literally gave-up everything personally
  • A creepy, corrupt-to-the-fucking-bone sock-puppet for BLM, antifa, Deep State, Big Tech, and global communism via the #GreatReset

So, you either believe the country, faced with this choice, gave Donald Trump 3.5-million (and counting) more votes than any other POTUS candidate in the history of the Republic – and yet they still legitimately chose the creepy, corrupt, swamp rat – a brain-dead, meat-puppet for the globalist communist cabal.

Or you don’t believe that, and you are compelled therefore to believe that the election is (in the process of) being stolen from Donald J. Trump, and his 73-million (and counting) supporters. If so, all may be left to find-out is whether Trump will fulfill his destiny and #CrossTheRubicon.

Think of the consequences of either of those outcomes and plan accordingly. Because time could be very, very short.

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