A defining thought…

… on returning from my week of R&R


I accept the possibility that the wholesale replacement of Church by State as the defining, cultural, and normative center of society may not have always been the explicitly stated goal of the Enlightenment.

In hindsight however, it’s nigh-on impossible to see how it could have ended any differently.

And if the self-declared pedo-“elites” were keen on forcing #TheGreatReset upon us, could they have possibly, in a million years, ever imagined a better front-man for their treachery than the corrupt, creepy, brain-dead, half-century Swamp Rat meat-puppet known as Gropey Bribem?

Sure, it was supposed to be Felonia Milhous vonPantsuit, but we uppity Deplorables got in the way of that.

Which is why I suspect they will attempt to make us pay – dearly – for our insolence.

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