Embracing the suck

My attempt at a “thread” on SG did not go as planned, so here we go…

(1/10) I honestly don’t understand the panic and the freak-out today. Seriously, I don’t. Frankly, I’m calmer today than I was on Monday night – and it’s not necessarily because

(2/10) … I’m black-pilled (though I am, a little – all we’re seeing today just came 4-years earlier than I thought it would).

(3/10) All of this is playing out precisely the way the media/democrat/globalist complex has been saying for weeks it would play out. #RedMirage wasn’t trending on twitter

(4/10) … accidently. This has all been choreographed as if it was a Pedowood script and everyone is just reading their lines.

(5/10) This is why they were desperate to get Trump to say, on tape, before the election, that he wouldn’t contest the results.
Because they knew.

(6/10) And this is why Trump told them, in so many words, to shove it.
Because he knew.

(7/10) Bottom line – Trump did much better than anticipated (because they honestly believed the media polls that this was going to be a cakewalk for Gropey) so they’ve had

(8/10) … to issue the FIRE EVERYTHING!!! order to get Soros’ brain-dead kiddie-groping meat-puppet’s carcass across the finish line.

(9/10) Which means they made mistakes.
Probably a whole lot of them.
Trump either has the goods on them, or he doesn’t.

(10/10) And THAT is the only question, at this point, that needs to be answered.

Added – We take you now to Washington DC, for a quick peak inside DNC headquarters…

That was a quick peek inside DNC headquarters. We now resume your previously scheduled gaslighting…

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