Conservative, Inc. in practice

New Hampshire’s allegedly “conservative” newspaper doesn’t understand that they are part of #HowYouGotTrump

Dear Editors of the New Hampshire Union Leader

I don’t live (yet, maybe) in New Hampshire. I do not subscribe to your paper and almost certainly never will. But I understand that you have been having financial troubles for the last decade and wanted to perhaps offer a perspective as to why that might be.

See, you endorsed a clear mental incompetent for President yesterday. You, the allegedly “Conservative” paper of New Hampshire, chose to endorse the candidate who says, in his own words, he’ll be among the most progressive Presidents in history. You gave your nod to a man who “Sundowns” whenever he opens his mouth and is off-script for a nano-second. You are putting your trust in a man who is more than likely owned lock, stock, and barrel by the CCP, Iran, and, of course, Russia.

You state your reasons for this because you believe, laughably, that Joe Biden – you know, the guy who calls people who don’t agree with him “Chumps” and who regularly lashes-out at regular people who dare to ask him a non-softball question – will “bring people together”. You believe a man who utterly refuses to tell us what he will do as President – and who bristles whenever anyone presses him even lightly – will “right the ship of state”.

And you believe a man who is a serial groper of children, who has been flat-out wrong about danm-near everything related to foreign and domestic policy for his entire career, and who we can reasonably, credibly assume has spent decades selling his office to enrich himself, (and no, I’m not going to bother linking because I could be all day doing just that) is “a caring, compassionate and professional public servant”.

In other words, you believe the media myths about Joe Biden, not the reality of the man who is running for POTUS as the head of the most radically leftist major political party – the party of antifa and BLM – in our history.

Meanwhile, you state that Donald J Trump “is not always 100 percent wrong, but he is 100 percent wrong for America.” You acknowledge that he “has many admirable accomplishments” “despite many in the media and Congress working to stop him at every opportunity”. Meanwhile, you criticize Trump because “Federal spending is on an unsustainable path”, which, while true, will only be exacerbated by the candidate you endorse!

Yet despite all evidence to the contrary, you are choosing Biden – Joe Fucking Biden – you know, Barack Obama’s former Vice President – to be the man “to build this country up”.

Let’s not mince words – you and your paper have had a hard-on for Trump since Day One. You don’t like his crass style, you don’t like that he refuses to “lose with dignity” as a member of Conservative, Incorporated. You don’t like that he actually fights back against media leftists. You don’t like that he actually works to Drain The Fucking Swamp.

In other words, you don’t like that Donald J Trump is not satisfied with being a member of The Washington Generals of American Politics. You want the GOP to go back to being the Lovable Losers, the Controlled Opposition.

Which, in case you’re too stupid to figure it out, is precisely #WhyYouGotTrump and, G-d willing, #WhyYouWillGetMoreTrump on 11/3.

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