IF TRUE – this ought to finish Gropey Joe

But sadly, even if true, it probably won’t.


Joe Biden has apparentlycalled a lid” on ALL in-person campaign activities for the remaining 9-days of the 2020 campaign for POTUS.

Note: I’m hedging a bit here because at the time I’m writing the only word on this is coming from the Trump campaign and, several hours later, it has made precisely zero newscasts or any mainstream sources (even OANN or Newsmax).

Which can mean only one of three things…

  1. He either knows the polls are bullshit and its over (and that his continued gaffes are killing the Donks down-ballot), OR
  2. He actually believes the BS polls (and/or the efficacy of his vote fraud machine) and thinks he’s so far ahead he can shut it down and cruise for the next 9-days, OR
  3. (what I think is actually most likely) He had a heart attack or stroke and the Donks, knowing that Kamala Harris is unelectable, are desperately trying to pull an Earl Long bit until after the votes are cast.

The only question remaining is whether the USA is so far gone at this point that they will still vote, in at least sufficient numbers to keep it within The Margin Of Fraud, for a guy who is either unwilling or unable to actually interview for the fucking job.

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