Begs the question


Popping-in quickly. Vox briskly dispatches Andrew Sullivan’s latest fantastic musings about a coming Biden landslide victory on 11/3. But I wanted to address one of the more idiotic assertions (and they were legion) Sullivan forwards…

It (a Biden 400+ electoral vote landslide) would suggest, especially if older whites come round some more, that the future need not be one of spiraling racial polarization, but of multiracial support for liberal democracy, its norms, and practices.

Now, ignore for a moment the gib “older whites” nonsense and let’s focus on the last part of this lunacy that I’ve highlighted. With that in mind, answer this single question

When, in the entirety of human history, have a “multiracial” collection of peoples ever supported “liberal democracy, its norms, and practices”?

Because I consider myself to be reasonably well-read in history, and in particular Western history – you know, where “liberal democracy” was developed and, for the most part, exists uniquely today. And my read of said history says that the answer to that particular questions is… precisely never.

And this is utterly ignoring the completely ludicrous, and entirely unsupported assertion (wishcasting, really) that a Biden victory, and in particular a Biden landslide, will put an end to “spiraling racial polarization” in America.

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