Quiet Time


Going to be rather light on content around here for the next couple of weeks. I’m desperately trying to finish-up 3 books (Adler’s “How To Read A Book” being, somewhat ironically, among them) and a couple of other around the house things before leaving for a long overdue vacation.

Where I’m at is this – if Gallup is to be believed (dubious, I know), then 56% of Americans believe “the are better-off now than they were 4-years ago”. This proves, without a doubt in my mind, that polls showing Sundown Joe up by as many as (laughably) 16-points on PDJT are nothing more than gaslighting, and SOP for the leftist media.

Most of these polls are showing Trump in the low-40’s for support, meaning the media are basically predicting a 1984-level blowout for Biden.

Ask yourself – aside from the incessant drumbeat of media “polls” do you see any indication, in your actual life, that Gropey is beating Donnie TwoScoops like a rented mule? Are either of the campaigns acting like that’s the case? Seriously.

Ponder this, Biden was in Nevada yesterday.


You know, a state carried by Felonia in 2016 and by Obama, Punxsatawney Joe’s former boss… twice.

But at least he got a warm welcome!

If Biden was really up 10-16 nationally he’d be in South Carolina and Maine making sure those Senate seats flip. Hell, if he’s up by 10 then Texas is probably in play.

If Biden was really up 10-16 nationally he’d be looking to run-up the score in previously solid-red Trump states. He wouldn’t be sacrificing precious nap time traveling to states he would have solidly in the bag by now.

So until and unless something happens to change the overall dynamic, I see this as being a relatively easy cruise for Trump on 11/3 and, as such, there is little reason to spend any time on this “horse race” until after I finish my currently unfinished business.

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