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Roundup of some of my higher-rated posts at SG this week

20201002 09:02
Filed under “Stories you’ll never see our ‘unbiased’ media report”

20201002 06:51
Goes a long way toward answering questions like “Why does anyone give a tinkers’ damn about Cardi B?”

20201001 15:34
Brilliant – Bill Lind’s 2010 speech at Quantico on Modern War

202010001 11:38
Wonder why some mediocrities seem to become wildly successful and the talented just fade away? Here’s a thought…

20201001 09:11
Translation: it’s not the fault of the people actually rioting, looting, raping, etc.
It’s the fault of the people who are showing you what’s actually happening

DocBoom @DocBoom     2 days ago
Of course

20201001 07:51
Amazing how quickly Puddin’ Head’s campaign was able to get this ad up, eh?
Almost as if they knew the (AHEMsetupAHEM) question beforehand.

20200930 16:23
Companies added better than expected 749,000 jobs amid jump in construction, hospitality, ADP says
“better than expected”… again. Of course.

20200930 08:02
Wife thinks Trump needed to “tone it down” last night. Still voting for him, happily.
She married a Delta but she loves her some Alpha leaders 😉

20200930 06:37
Have to think the “Antifa is an idea” is gonna be a feature in some Trump/Pence commercials, while cities are burning

20200929 22:03
I cannot spare this man, for he fights.

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