Principles of Failure

Clinging to “principles” in the middle of a knife fight is moronic.

Already, the duplicitous crapweasel NeverTrump GOPe Surrender Caucus is lining-up to signal their Principled(tm) bona-fides; stating they will “not vote” on a replacement for a deceased SCOTUS member because “it’s an election year”. It is perfectly predictable. It is also a perfect reminder of #WhyYouGotTrump.

Now don’t get me wrong; I understand the Principle(tm) that we ought not “rush a new justice onto the SCOTUS” on the eve of an election. I mean, it’s counter-historical – every single time a SCOTUS seat has opened-up in an election year or even during a lame-duck session of CONgress the POTUS has made a nomination. But still, I understand the Principle(tm) and even, to some extent, agree with it.

But you know what other Principles I believe in? That you don’t give in to terrorists. That when you’re in a fight for your life you use whatever tools you have available to you to win that fight. That when your enemy has declared war on you telegraphing that you’re going to fight (if at all) with one-hand tied behind your back is a good way to get killed.

Finally, the notion that the appointment of a justice to the SCOTUS ought not to be “political” went right the fuck out the window when the last name of Judge Robert Bork became a verb – in 1987. In fact, Judge Bork’s case is illustrative. There was absolutely no reason that his nomination should have been shot-down; he was perfectly qualified. He was confirmed by the Senate in 1982 to a seat on the DC Circuit Court and found to be a brilliant mind and a very competent, consistent jurist. His rejection by the (then) Democrat-controlled Senate – with 52 of 54 Democrats (and 6 crapweasel “Republicans”) voting against – should have been the end of any pretense that appointments to the SCOTUS were “non-political”.

To make matters even worse, instead of Judge Bork we ended-up with the moderate-liberal Anthony Kennedy, who of course “grew in office” as he was expected to. How many 5-4 decisions with Kennedy siding with the leftists would have gone the other way? We’ll never know.

Still, Failure Caucus members in good standing with Conservative, Inc. are lining up to bemoan the loss of a ship that sailed over 35-years ago. They stood-by and said fuck-all nothing while Ruth Bader Ginsburg – the red-diaper former-ACLU flack who was a political hack in black robe for her judicial entire career – was confirmed nearly unanimously in 1993. They gave only token opposition to the ludicrous 2010 nomination of Elena Kagan by the milk-chocolate messiah. Many of them were supportive of a lame-duck replacement of the suddenly departed Antonin Scalia with Merrick Garland.

And completely without surprise, most of them currently support electing Rapey McKiddieGroper, a man clearly suffering from intermediate (or worse) stage dementia.

These galactic-level failures have stood-by for decades while this nation collapsed and the country lurched ever-leftward. In 1993, when I was a young, still somewhat idealistic Army Reserve lieutenant, the idea that homosexuals could serve openly in the military (a court-marshal offense in saner times) was still controversial. Today, we are debating whether the military should pay for gender “re-assignment” surgery – and we’re losing the debate. Such Principles!

While Conservative Inc. has dithered, the national debt has grown to the point it really doesn’t matter anymore. The Federal Register (already a leviathan in 1982) has grown to be 60-times larger than the Bible. There is literally no aspect of life where the Fed.Gov has not injected itself either legislatively or through regulation by the Deep State. Muh Principles at work!

It’s considered “racist” and “non-inclusive” to stand for the National Anthem if you’re a professional athlete. The POTUS had to step-in to keep the Federal Leviathan from schooling it’s employees that All White People Are Racist. Oh, and the guy who blew the whistle on this? Immediately suspended. My heart swells from the Principles!

And we’re actually arguing about whether clear and obvious pedo spank material is, well, actual pedo spank material. (Note well where that last link came from.) So! Much! Principle!!

Pretty easy to understand why it is that in 60+ years Conservative, Inc. has actually conserved precisely ZERO, eh?

You know what I want? I want the Courts to become as they were once, and as they were envisioned by the writers of the Constitution – the weakest branch of the Fed.Gov

Will I get that from Donnie TwoScoops. Maybe. Honestly, I don’t know.

But I know full-on there is no fucking way in hell I’m getting anything close to that if Punxsatawney Joe is mail-vote-frauded into the White House come next January.

Look, it was never my choice that the Judiciary become the most powerful branch of the government. Not at all. This was forced upon us by the very people howling the loudest and threatening war in response to the President of the United States planning to fulfill his Constitutional responsibility to nominate a candidate for a vacancy.

You are the ones who wanted to put All The Marbles on the shoulders of 9 un-elected, un-accountable lifetime appointees. Not us, you.

So, welcome to the corner of Pay and Back, assholes.

And this is why I am going to lose decades-long friendships over this election. See, I can understand my friends and family members who are Democrats and are going to vote for Pudding Brain. They’re commie-curious; they’re actually looking forward to Rapey being eased-out through the 25th Amendment and Willie Brown’s former Willie polisher (a woman who, despite being The Chosen One, won as many Democrat primary delegates as I did) being “installed” as POTUS #47 (and, likely, our last). They’re crazy and they’re politically stupid, but I get it – they’re being true to their stupid, nonsensical beliefs.

But I have friends – some of whom have actually run for office as Republicans and claim that Ronnie Raygun’s biggest problem was he Wasn’t Conservative Enough – who have told me they are going to vote for Punxsatawney Joe in November; and in some cases for the dumbest reasons you can think of.

They are, apparently, willing to sacrifice everything they claim to believe in – and to give-up this perhaps once-in-a-lifetime chance to alter the course of this country (or, at minimum, the SCOTUS) – because they think Donnie TwoScoops is “icky” and “owned by Russia” (as XiNN is fond of saying, “completely without evidence”).

They honestly believe there is Life After Trump; that they will be able to rebuild on Their Glorious Ideals and Principles(tm) once the boorish loudmouth ill-mannered serial-Tweeter from Queens with the weird hair and orange skin is gone from the public debate.

Because of course that’s all worked-out so well since the 1960’s, has it not?

They are, in a word, fucking delusional.

It is to them I say… please do go on and on and on about your sacrosanct Principles(tm) while our country is re-made in the image of Cuba, our industries are nationalized, your means of self-defense are confiscated, saying the wrong thing to the wrong person at the wrong time lands you in real (and not Facebook) jail, your Church is closed or (more fully) captured, the Bible is banned as Hate Speech, redress of grievances is outlawed, our entire history is erased and Critical Race Theory is being taught in Kindergartens and pre-schools by the end of the first year of Kamala Harris’ regime.

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