Halloween Candy

The Globalist Left isn’t trying to hide their endgame anymore.


Behold! The globalist left’s new strategy in their efforts to keep us locked-down and penned-in (and consequently, dependent upon their “benevolence”)… forever: The ZeroCovid Movement!

This commie (and American-programmed “public health” academic, currently heading up the “Public Health” department at U Edinburgh) says all the right things – it’s about “freedom”, “against lockdowns”, “want social lives to continue”, “want schools open”… but “safely”… which she defines as… ZERO COVID ANYWHERE IN YOUR COUNTRY. Because KungFlu is… “different“.

She’s easy to look at, with a pleasant, calming voice, and a calm, reassuring demeanor. But she’s simply relaying the same commie globalist bullshit in candy-coated, easy-to-digest form.

The commie left globalists have failed in their attempts to scare us all into submission, so now they’re going to try to lead us into their prisons with candy and goodies. They’re not even trying to hide their endgame anymore.

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