Behold, a brain-dead nominal human who has no-worse than a 50-50 shot at ascending to the Presidency of the United States of America come January 2021.


I didn’t watch the trainwreck last night because I guard my sanity and my blood-pressure, but I gather that a nearly half-century long career politician managed to complete a relatively fundamental task – delivering a (taped?) speech accepting his party’s nomination for high public office without drooling or shitting himself.

It was dishonest, awful, and divisive – in other words, a perfect encapsulation of the party he represents, as well as his own political career. But it was, but nearly every account, competently delivered.

The bar was set incredibly low for this career politician, but it seems that he managed to vault it. Bravo. Congratulations, Joe, for meeting such pathetically low expectations.

The content was of course predictable; polemics always are. But what I find the most despicable about this speech is the laying of the “The Season of Darkness in America” at the feet of Donald Trump. Well, if Rapey McKiddieGroper would emerge from his basement once in a while he just might see that all the “Darkness” he’s inveighing against – the rioting, looting, destruction, assaults, etc. – is being perpetrated entirely by HIS SIDE.

Then again maybe not, given his lifelong, fundamental dishonesty.

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