They’re dropping, all over the place.


Conservative Conservatives Conserving Conservatism Conservatively – Conservative, Inc., ladies and gentlemen! Indeed, they’re not even trying to fool anyone anymore.

Because it takes a real “conservative” to endorse for POTUS a candidate on record (on. fucking. record.) suggesting he will be “one of the most progressive presidents in history” – meaning, he will govern not just to the left of the milk-chocolate messiah, but WELL to the left of how Felonia Milhous vonPantsuit wished to govern.

I mean, what could be more “conservative” than endorsing a candidate who is pushing systemic and fundamental change to the country, right?

Related: the political party who likes to think of itself as the Party Of Youth and Party Of The Future sure seems to spend a whole lotta time mired in the mid-1960’s, eh?

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