Can we please just end this week already?


Utterly and completely agree: “… disaffected, ineffective mid-wits read this and they can read anything they want to into it. … the biggest problem with Progressivism is that it’s not a political program, it’s a direction, but it’s a direction to nowhere, no one can tell you where it’s going. … It’s so not excellent… this is just so lazy, it’s so poorly thought out, so incomplete that it shouldn’t be treated as anything more than a curiosity, really.”

Frankly, these criticisms could/should be leveled against the writings of any “academic” or “philosopher” of the so-called “New Left” since at least, and especially including, this guy.

Hopefully Unilever, and in particular this hippie-branded arm thereof, will be the next in line to #GetWokeGoBroke.

We all know this is a big part of the #BLM “Final Solution“, right?

Different political affiliation, and this man would be a lock for multiple Nobel Peace Prizes, and already have one by now.

Turns out I hold deeply problematic views.

Related – pretty sure the day my super-woke foreign-owned company makes me do this bullshit would be… my last day at that super-woke foreign-owned company.

Blah Blah Blah… either indict someone – fucking anyone at this point – or stop talking about this shit.
Update: so after nearly 4-years of stonewalling, the Trump DOJ managed to bag a small fish. Be interesting to see if they can get him to drop some dimes on bigger fish or if this is the best we can expect.

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