A person can learn

But people, by and large, never learn.

Until and unless there is great pain.


Under no circumstances – none. zero. zip. – am I voluntarily allowing someone to inject me with Gates’/Fauci’s toxic brew.
No. Fucking. Way.
No. Fucking. How.

From the “Days Ending In The Letter Y” file, Pravda on the Hudson carries water for the Chinese Communist Party.

Did we not learn anything from decades of propping-up the Soviet Union AND the Communist Chinese? Apparently not, given the plethora of useful idiots who believe a country who has waged economic war on us for decades now needs “to be negotiated with and partnered with” rather than confronted. Our own media uncritically relays the propaganda of the CCP, while badgering a man they despise because he dares to say the sky is blue.

As the above linked post from Vox Day suggests, go talk of “working with” and “partnering with” the Chinese to all the steel workers and manufacturers – literally tens of millions of them – who lost their jobs, permanently, from such “partnerships”.

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