A new month

Same old shit


The Mayor of Seattle, ladies and gentlemen. Remember, this incandescently stupid person received an overwhelming majority of the vote in 2017, which says plenty more about the electorate than it does about the elector.

A very good summary, but I can make it much shorter.
Conservativism didn’t actually conserve… anythinganywhere.
Aside: amazing the number of leftist straw-man arsonists seem troll TAC for no particular reason other than, I guess, they’re an easy target and continue to use the utterly awful Disqus platform for their comments.

It’s about fucking time, Donnie. That said, wake me when he actually does something rather than tweeting about stupid shit that he always has to walk back.

Obviously it’s going to be an early night on November 3rd. #Trumpslide

Agreed that Donald J. Trump is deeply flawed – as a politician, candidate, and President (unlike, well, pretty much everyone else, I won’t comment on the man personally because, well, I don’t know him at all). He talks a great deal but really doesn’t do very much and has little-to-no push or pull with CONgress.
But there really is no other choice in November. Really. No, really.

This ought to surprise absolutely nobody. And neither should this. Or this.

Nor this: Democrat opnes his cake-hole, says something incredibly stoooopid.
Aside: I better hope I never see this festering pile of rancid pig shit in person, because if I do I’m going to end up jail for smashing his teeth out of his smug fucking mouth – and I won’t last long in prison; I’m too cute.

And what the heck is this N B A you’re talking about?

Sew the wind. Reap the whirlwind.

Glad to know DC has their crime problem under control and can focus on virtue signalling 24/7.

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