Of Trees and Forests

Some people only see one, while others see both

This article is a fantastic fisking of the utter BS that surrounds the cries of “systemic racism”. But as detailed, well sourced, and well written as that fisking is, it still falls far short of the larger point because it’s focused entirely on the Trees, important though they are.

There is a much, much larger point here. Understanding that will allow us to focus on what truly needs to be focused upon.

Let me be clear, “systemic racism” in the USA in 2020 is a myth created entirely by leftists across the political spectrum (because, recall, Ideology matters not in an Identity uber ales country) who are bent on tearing-down and rebuilding the USA into the latest Marxist Paradise.

Incredibly, they are telling us precisely what they believe, right out there in the open (WARNING: Link to the toxic waste dump). Their actual agenda has little to nothing to do with what may, at one point, long ago, have been the original premise of the (then) grassroots movement. It has long-ago since been hijacked by, well, let’s just say the usual Marxist, anti-American suspects.

And that, dear reader, represents the Forest.

What is tragically, yet hilariously, sad watching the useful idiots who are, in fact, risking their pitiful lives in deep-blue shithole cities like Portland is that, because they come from a generation which believes Ancient History began with the drop of the iPhone 6 they know nothing about real history, and therefore have no context to know precisely where they are on the hierarchy.

Tragic, because, well it is.

Hilarious, because, well, they’re entitled, smug little shits who are acting like assholes. Destructive… assholes.

And what’s worse, they’re ignorant assholes bathing happily in their ignorance, utterly allergic to introspection, blindly unwilling to see who, precisely, it is who destroyed their communities (here’s a fucking hint). In age when all the information of the world is available to you at the touch of a few buttons, ignorance is simply inexcusable. To be smug and ignorant, however? Yeah, asshole.

These kids, believing they have little to lose in a society they despise (thank you Public Education System) while they buy-up all its toys, truly believe they’re building a new Communist Utopia where they, the “enlightened” will be in charge. When, in reality, as soon as the paymasters find them no longer useful, they will suffer the same fate as have their ilk throughout history.

Because you can have respect for an enemy, a worthy adversary – but literally nobody, not even the cesspool that is Hollyweird, respects a traitor.

Focus always on the Forest and the Trees will take care of themselves.

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