It’s that rat circus out there…

… I’m beginning to enjoy it.


The overwhelming majority of the internet is a vast wasteland. (note the date on the linked article!)
“Social” “Media” is the festering trash-heap in the middle of that wasteland.
And Twitter is the smoldering, toxic, Bio-hazard/Nuclear-Waste dump of the trash-heap.

But, the Wasteland is certainly accomplishing the Deep State’s mission quite effectively.

Related, The Swamp may be getting nervous.

Still more Swamp news: you or I gets caught doing this shit and I promise you the entire weight of the Fed.GOV’s investigative and prosecutorial army would come down like a metric fukton of bricks. But if you’re in The Club? No prob; it’s all about “intent” and whatnot. It’s a Big Club, and you and I just ain’t in it.

The Swamp is giving their denizens their marching orders on the subject of the day.


No single person has more responsibility for wreck-and-ruin of the US economy at present as does Dr. Anthony “DOOM!!!” Fauci. But sure, let’s virtue signal like mad at the start of a sporting event by celebrating his “accomplishments”.

Oh, and while we’re on the subject of the sport I truly love most? Fuck you and #DIAF, MLB. I won’t watch a single game so long as you defend this bullshit.

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