Dude, where’s my car?

Dude, why does a loaf of bread cost more than $2.50?


Very, very much this. Worth putting the punch-line right here because it gets to the very heart of understanding why Politics in the USA in 2020 is fundamentally and irrevocably broken (emphasis mine) …
“The Left has not become the Right. The point is that ideology is now irrelevant and identity trumps over all, just as every intelligent critic of multiculturalism knew that it would once the demographics of the USA were sufficiently altered. Both multiculturalism and globalism render ideology, which concerns the divisions between a nation, moot because they transform political conflict from intranational to international.”

More on the conveniently timed “coin shortage”. Thoughts like this seemed far out there and crazy… 3-years ago. Today? In the midst of Cancel Culture? Not crazy in the least.
Plausible, in fact.

Don’t panic, this is totally sustainable!

I mean, what’s another trillion in fake money at this point?

Really, this is the picture of sustainability.

Yep, totes sustainable. You don’t have to buy-into every doomsday prediction in this guy’s video (his name is ENDTIMESWATCHMAN, after all), but you cannot argue against his central point – that the Death of the Dollar is inevitable, whether the Globalists like it or not.

Aside, in all seriousness, I’m an utter non-combatant in the ongoing hot war between Boomers and Millennials, but it’s really, really hard to argue against the premise that the economic and financial policies put in place over decades by Boomers, and almost entirely to the sole benefit of Boomers, are accelerating the collapse (warning, link to FakeNews site) of our doomed Empire.

More stooopid from The Stupid Party.

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