I am serious…

… and don’t call me Shirley


In going through my dresser drawers today I was utterly horrified (though spectacularly unsurprised) to learn that I do not own a single stitch of clothing Made In The USA. I took some steps to rectify that today by ordering from here and here. Not perfect, but it’s a start. I expect to be using this site as a guide for much of my shopping going forward.

However that site is only for the items that I feel I need to “buy new”. It is my sincere hope that, going forward, I will be making most of my purchases from the secondary market – for example, here.

I couldn’t possibly care less about the NFL, except so far as to mock them. That said, I present Exhibit 36724674627.427-a(7.b) that we are simply no longer a serious country.

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