No “Church” for me, either

If WotW didn’t get kicked off Gulag’s Youtube for his last issue, then this one is probably going to put it over the top. Funny how it seems only one, uh, class of people ever needs to “repent” of anything – in the eyes of Church, Inc. at least.

I was honestly unaware I could be “collectively” “guilty” of something simply because of my skin color. That sounds pretty gosh-darn, erm, well, uh, blatantly racist to me.

The “Church” – as currently constituted and as understood by most in the USA and Europe – has absolutely no common cause with we who seek for the preservation of Western Civilization and is therefore utterly useless – detrimental, in fact – to any who are working toward such preservation.

The sooner we all realize that, the sooner we can move on and focus on the actual hard work.

They’re dying anyway. I, for one, will not lament their departures.

In other news, from the “Days Ending In The Letter ‘Y'” File… Libertarian Party candidate for POTUS says something stupid and indefensible.

As non-serious as Conservative, Inc. is as a political philosophy, Libertarianism is that level of uneseriousness on steroids.

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