That escalated quickly

Nut-cuttin’ time is already here.

I’ve reached an important, one might say existential, decision point in the very short life of this project. To wit, where do I go from here?

Hence, it’s nut-cuttin’ time.

It should be noted that this is being driven by my own interior Journey and has very little if anything to do with externals. The decision has far more to do with where it is I wish to go, and is therefore much larger than this vanity project.

Do I believe that The West, as currently constituted, is dying and, in fact, must die? Absolutely. Do I have any power to stop this decline and inevitable death, even if I wished to? No, not at all.

But do I feel that Anglo-American Civilization must survive in some form?

Indeed, I most certainly do.

The question then becomes, does this blog, on the path I started it, advance the chances that Anglo-American Civilization will, in some form, survive? Does this site, as currently constructed, do anything to perpetuate the eventual rebirth of the best civilization heretofore constituted among men?

The answer this morning seems clearly to be NO on both counts. And therefore I’m wasting my time and the time of anyone who manages to find their way here.

Beyond that, I’m finding that this project is taking me even further from the Path to the Light, and thus I’m not helpful to myself, or of service to my society, Anglo-American Civilization, and the Light Itself.

There is much work left to be done; important work on my own growth, important work with regard to helping to educate myself fully so that I may, someday, pass on essential Wisdom to the next generation, those who will rebuild once what is left of this society collapses on it’s own corpulent excess.

There will therefore be no further posts here with regard to current events of the world, precisely because they do not matter. The “news” is all click-bait nonsense. The culture of the USA in July 2020, such as it exists, is a noxious mass of shit. Politics is, of course, downstream of all of this and therefore will only get worse, not better.

My final word on current events therefore are these: anyone who thinks that by simply replacing the Bad Bad OrangeMan Who Is Very Very Bad with the kiddie-groping, corrupt-to-the-core, mentally incapacitated, shape-shifting career politician all these problems will magically go away is a fucking moron.

If anything, Biden’s eventual election – and he will be elected, either as a result of massive voter fraud or simply because the American electorate in 2020 is filled-to-bursting with fucking morons who take their cues from bigger asshole-fucking morons – hastens the inevitable collapse.

And I may have just enough time to get out from under the blast radius when it all goes pear-shaped.

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