So… Much… #Winning

As we wake on this morning before we celebrate this country’s hard-fought independence from what was, at the time, the most powerful empire on the planet, I find it necessary to remind myself of an important, if unpleasant fact.

In 2016, the then-Executive administration of the same country I just described, ordered and executed a counter-intelligence operation against the opposition party candidate for President. The launching of this op was based on the drivel from a piece of obvious, and known at the time, foreign-sourced opposition research. As it was accepted wisdom at the time that said opposition party candidate was certain to lose that November it was thus known nobody would ever know about this counter-intel op because nobody would ever be in a position to do anything about it, anyway.

Yet, after said opposition party candidate, against all odds and defying said “accepted wisdom”, actually won the election, the same hacks continued said op against the now President-elect, and then President, for years. In the process, literally every lever of the government was tainted with the stench of this patently illegal operation, but perhaps none more so that the sainted Judiciary and so-called “law” “enforcement” branches of the Executive.

And on this day, over 4-years later, we must recognize that not a single person who, while drawing a salary paid-for by the taxpayers of these United States, executed this operation – not a single person at any level – is in jail right now.

They are not in jail, because they’ve not been convicted.

They’ve not been convicted, because they’ve never been brought to trial.

They’ve never been brought to trial, because they’ve never been arrested.

And they’ve never been arrested, because they’ve never been indicted.

But please do go on about how the United States of America is, in any way that matters, any different from the 3rd-world banana republics we continually invaded in the past trying to “make the world safe for democracy”.

I intend to enjoy the celebration of the “birth” of this country heartily, at least to the extent that it’s allowed by my wanna-be Eichmann state governor. Because I am rather saddened to say that it could very well be the last one we’re allowed to celebrate, regardless what happens on November 3rd.

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