Holding out for a Hero

Where have they all gone?

2020 – July – 03

The paste-eating, kiddie-groper must have done spectacularly well on the tests of his cognitive abilities.
His score was probably negative.

Dr. Doom admitted that he lied to the entire country back at the start of the KungFlu outbreak. That he continues to draw a taxpayer-funded paycheck is beyond criminal.

Well of course. I mean, you don’t expect her to blame her shitty management of the city, do you?

In his defense (insert chuckle here), Gropey doesn’t remember what he said an hour ago, much less what he said about his paymasters back in the day.
No matter – Biden could walk on-stage for the first debate, crap himself, piss his pants, fall over as if drunk, and he’d still get enough votes to be within the Margin of Fraud on 11/3. Because #NotVotingOurWayOutOfThis.

Five years ago this would have horrified and outraged me.
Now? Meh – it’s all fake money based on nothing anyway.

I’m sure the #Resistance “Judges” will get right on this.

How about…

Spot. On. If you don’t want to listen until the roughly 1:05:10 point in this excellent podcast, let me give you the punchline, paraphrased. You want heroes? Real heroes? Skip the Marvel and DC movies with fake CGI-enhanced chumps in tights and capes and read a gosh-darned history book for a change.

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