Once more, unto the breach

Wherever they burn books, in the end will also burn human beings.

2020 – July – 02

If an (alleged) domestic terrorist leader goes on trial and the “don’t pick sides”, “straight down the middle” “news” media decides to not cover it, or to “cover” it they way they do all stories they don’t like (with a pillow over the face, until it stops kicking), then did the trial actually happen?

Look, I’m very sympathetic to “small-l” libertarian arguments, particularly on economics. But if these guys are planning on hitching their political wagon to the “capital-L” LP, my advice would simply be “trust me, as a former state party officer, don’t.”

“Our” side in this war, ladies and gentlemen. Any doubts as to why we’re losing bigly?

Wow, never saw this coming… said nobody sane, ever.

A subtle reminder that if you plan on doing something really stupid online and think that tor is going to keep you anonymous, you’re kidding yourself. Stick with clearnet with a decent VPN, whatever you’re doing online (oh, and don’t do stupid shit – that always helps too).

This is from 1968 – nineteen… sixty… eight. In other words, they’ve beein doing this, in the open, for pretty much my entire life. (Hat-tip to an old friend who pointed me in this direction).

The SJWs claim another scalp. It won’t stop, ever.

This tells me roughly 2.4-million Americans figured out what time it is last month.

Terribly sorry to read about this monster’s imminent suicide.

We all realize that this crap, and all of the closures happening months in advance, has precisely zero to do with KungFlu and everything to do with November 3rd, right?

I enthusiastically endorse this approach to cell-phone apps and have started a 30-day “App Shabbat”

The 21st century version of book burning is well underway.

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