A Terrifyingly Practical Example

As if to prove the central thesis of my work here, as I write we are currently in what I hope the be the latter stages of the lockdowns (in the northeast USA, at least) caused by a virus that has been called, (and I’m sure I’ll leave a few out) “novel” Coronavirus, COVID-19, the Chinese Virus, the Wuhan Flu, and (my personal favorite, seriously, I use this one as my go-to anywhere outside of “polite” company) the KungFlu. Presently I’m deep into my fourth month of mandated “work-from-home” semi-lockdown in my day-job. New terms that nobody heard of before January of 2020 – terms like “Social Distancing” (a bizarre term if ever there was one) – and an odd (at least for western nations) requirement to wear masks everywhere (more on that in a bit) have been directly attributed to requirements perpetuated by “Science”. And already, it seems that “Science” is ready to take a victory lap, claiming credit for “getting this under control”.

Politicians (typically from the Left) are claiming that their plans to re-open their respective localities will be “driven by Science, not politics” (and more often than not “Science” is, indeed, capitalized). Governors in the US, in particular, have been very quick to surround themselves with “experts” (how there could be an “expert” on a virus that nobody knew existed 6-months earlier is another topic that we might get to in a bit) who are pushing some utterly nonsensical and rather economically devastating prescriptions to a problem of what turns out to be a very flexible level of severity.

So before “Science” breaks it’s arms patting itself on the back for “solving” this “problem”, it seems reasonable at this point to make a few observations about the role of “Science” in this process.

Let’s start with the seemingly undeniable fact that this year’s plague was, in all likelihood, created by “Science”. It seems clear that this was not, as forwarded by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and the World Health Organization (WHO) at the outset of the outbreak in the Wuhan province of China in November-December of 2019, a “naturally occurring” virus. It was manufactured in a bio-lab in Wuhan and, somehow, got out. Now, I’m not one to give the CCP the benefit of any doubt, but I’m going to assume this was “accidental” – as in, not done with malice or predetermination. Accidents do, in fact, happen (a fact that “Science” seems to conveniently forget, often) and it’s entirely possible that some infected bats made their way into the “wet markets” in Wuhan due to the notoriously lax procedures for specimen control at these labs (particularly in developing countries, like China).

Still, while “Science” would love nothing more than to blame Nature for this disaster, it cannot be denied that the old definition of Progress (to wit, the solution to problems that would not exist but for previous “Progress”) has applied here to the origin of the KungFlu. No bio-lab in Wuhan screwing-around with new and “novel” viruses? No global pandemic in early 2020.

But beyond the obvious ramification that if we mess with Nature, Nature tends to mess back, there was plenty of pseudo-scientific nonsense that surrounded the original outbreak, making the inevitable pushback so much worse for everyone. For starters, it was clear from the outset that the so-called “experts” had precisely no idea what the Coronavirus/COVID-19 was capable of. In fact, the line from the “experts” on this novel virus was, originally and uniformly, that Coronavirus (as it was then called) was not going to be a big, global event. In fact, it was doubted whether it actually was transmitted from person-to-person. No, I’m not kidding. You can look it up yourself, though many mainstream “news” outlets are doing all they can to memory-hole their own original, contemporaneous reporting.

Further, there were more than a few who were suggesting that the Trump Administration in the US was using the outbreak of “a new flu” in China to “distract from Congressional Impeachment” activities. They were similarly very quick to criticize as racist and xenophobic the Administration’s original travel bans from Asia (not just China, mind you), claiming that these were “not scientifically necessary” and whatnot. There’s video, you can look for it yourself (assuming Google hasn’t removed it all from YouTube).

Thus, Strike One for “Science” is that “Science” created this beast in the first place and, given the utterly dysfunctional political reality of the 2019-2020 timeframe, it was inevitable that it would get out into the general population.

Strike Two was that the original, official assessment of the global organization deemed to be the “experts” on such matters, was telling us all that this was not a big deal, was unlikely to spread, and that China had done a fantastic job of keeping it contained in Wuhan – all of which were utterly, completely, and spectacularly wrong but can likely be chalked-up to political corruption (the WHO was basically just reading CCP propaganda word-for-word and had done, it seems, little to none of their own investigation) rather than scientific incompetence. And while it’s tempting to “Embrace the Power of AND” in this regard, there is plenty of full-on incompetence coming from the WHO and other, similar organizations (including the not less than 3 in the US alone who seem to have the same, exact, mission) that we don’t need to further belabor this point.

We now get to move-on to one of the more utterly terrifying aspects of the response to the pandemic, which is the push for ubiquitous “contact tracing”, ostensibly as a means of being able to track-down anyone who has been in contact with someone who has tested positive for the virus during the (assumed) 2-week incubation period. I can only assume that George Orwell, in conceiving the indignities suffered by the subjects of Oceania, contemplated such a scheme and wrote it off as spectacularly unrealistic. But as it seems we need to potentially move “1984” out of the Fiction and into the Non-Fiction section of bookstores for other reasons, clearly Mr. Orwell did not anticipate how far globalism would degrade the fabric of allegedly “free” societies over the course of decades.

To be clear, there is little-to-no actual scientific rationale ever given to support the idea of “contact tracing”, and the fact that it’s being done almost completely clandestinely (such as Apple installing in the background a “COVID-19 TRACING” app buried in the “Security” features of the June 2020 iOS update) one can easily be forgiven for suggesting that neither science nor “Science” has much of anything to do with it. It is however precisely the deification of the practitioners of “Science” that allows such a monstrous infringement of basic liberties of allegedly “free” people to be proposed, much less broadly accepted. For context, recall that not-quite 20-years ago, the idea of using technology to track some adherents of Islam as a result of the 9/11 terrorist attacks was nearly universally decried as ludicrous (as well as xenophobic and racist – how “Islam” equates with “race” is mysterious). Yet, large pluralities of current citizens in the erstwhile “Land Of The Free” are willing to sign-on to a scheme that would allow the government (and, incredibly, government-sanctioned 3rd-parties) to track their every move.

All because “medical experts” claim that this will stop the spread of a virus that we now know is far more contagious and far less lethal than was believed in mid-March of 2020, at the onset of the nationwide lockdown orders. We’ve come to expect that the “news” media in the social-media age would lack any sense of perspective; it’s utterly depressing beyond belief to see them being egged-on by the practitioners of “Science”.

As I write this, in the late-June of 2020, we still have very little idea of just what this virus is, precisely how dangerous it is to the general population, or even how many different forms it currently takes. What we know is that for the elderly, and particularly the infirm elderly, COVID-19 is darn-near a death sentence. This, in fact, was known relatively early-on as the disease wiped-out entire nursing homes. When the CCP and WHO finally came-clean with the world (with the disease ravaging Italy in February 2020 it was difficult to deny any further) policy-makers were left with little choice but to institute broad shut-down orders, in an attempt to try to isolate those who were ill and to keep from overwhelming hospitals with sick people dying of pulmonary ailments. Science was on center-stage, and science almost immediately blew all of their lines.

First, were the models; models that predicted millions of deaths from COVID-19 (2-million by May, roughly 6-million total)… in the United States alone! At present (late June), COVID-19’s likely inflated mortality rate shows fewer than 250,000 deaths in the USA; a large number to be sure, but fully an order of magnitude higher than predicted by the models put-out daily by the US Centers for Disease Control (CDC), among others. Again, in mid-March we really didn’t understand what we were dealing with. However by mid-April it should have been painfully and stunningly obvious to anyone looking at the data that the pandemic was not a national problem, effecting the entire USA equally. It also should have been obvious that not everyone was susceptible to the virus itself, regardless of the likelihood of exposure. As such, by the first week in April the nationwide lockdown was utterly unjustifiable on medical or scientific grounds. Care should have been taken to isolate the truly vulnerable populations, and the rest of us should have been allowed to go on with our lives.

So much for pandemic control policy “driven by Science, not politics”.

Then there is the subject of Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) and, in particular, masks. And that brings us to the man dubbed as a messiah-like savior in the COVID-19 pandemic, Dr. Anthony Fauci, the then head of the CDC. In February and March, as panic about the potential spread of “the novel coronavirus” began to seep into the zeitgeist and people started buying facemasks and other PPE, Dr. Fauci took to the airwaves to dissuade people from doing such, claiming that “the science” showed masks being ineffective at stopping the spread of the virus.

Only one problem – it was a lie, and he knew it at the time.

This represents the “Game Over” moment for “Science” in this sad affair. Here we have “A Man Of Science”, an alleged “straight-shooter”, lying to an entire nation, almost certainly allowing some to get sick and perhaps even die, all to keep the thought-to-be short supply of PPE available for medical staff and first responders. Now, we can argue that it’s reasonable to keep first-responders and medical personnel supplied with PPE. But the net result is that people who could have protected themselves with perhaps a bandana (as I did for 2-3 months before I broke-down and bought a proper mask) or a scarf listened to this guidance from “A Man Of Science” and some of them almost certainly got sick, needlessly, as a result.

Evidently, the messiah of “Science” didn’t trust Americans with the truth of the matter.

We could have protected ourselves without risking the supply of PPE, but “Science” decided that We Can’t Handle The Truth.

That is, in a word, criminal.

At the time of this writing, Dr. Anthony Fauci is still drawing a paycheck funded by the taxpayers of the United States.

That is, as well, criminal.

“Science” will continue to fail humanity on a global scale, and will grow not an ounce in much needed humility as we result. Tests will continue to be, at best, half-effective (antibody tests are currently running about 60% false-positive). We will be force-fed a “vaccine” against a virus likely to mutate at least twice before the prophylactic is available, which will almost certainly result in unforeseen complications. “Science” will have learned entirely the wrong lessons from the disaster that is the 2020 coronavirus pandemic, and we will be far worse-off as a society as a result.